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One of the many specialties that we take pride in, is our full-service deli, where we take pleasure in serving you. Whether it be a simple sandwich for your lunch, or even full deli platters for your catered event, we strive to go above and beyond all expectations to ensure you enjoy all the deli items we have to offer.


Below is the full selection of all the deli meats we offer. We are able accommodate most requests by customers. We can create any kind of sandwich for you, or slice it up for you to take home -- either way, we ensure that you'll enjoy our wonderful deli meats.

Corned Beef Mild Coppa
Roast Beef Pepperoni Sticks
Mortadella Meat Loaf
Pancetta Smoked Ham
Proscuitto Baked Ham
Parm. Proscuitto Baked Turkey
Hot Coppa Smoked Turkey
Gallo Salami Genoa Salami
Toscano Salami Sopressata

Deli Lunches

Our deli selection is not limited to only meats and cheeses. We also have a full selection of sandwiches for you to choose from, which can be eaten in-store or taken on-the-go. If you don't happen to be in the mood for a sandwich, we also have pizzas and soups to choose from.

Delicious choices include:

  • Pizza by the slice
  • Sub-sandwiches
  • Caesar Salads
  • Spaghetti and Meatballs
  • Calzones
  • Daily Soups


A perfect compliment to any party, the wonderful array of cheeses are sure to be a delicious snack for you or your guests. We offer a wide selection of various cheeses in our deli to ensure that you find that exact type that you are looking for, but to help you make the selection even faster, below you fill find a complete list and their prices. Enjoy.

Colby Cheese Cream Cheese
Danish Havarti Dill Havarti
Mozarella (Fresh) Montere Jack
Feta Cheese Italian Provolone
Gorgonzola Dolce Mozarella (loaf)
Parmesan Shredded Grated Romano
Italian Fontina Hot Pepper
Swiss Cheese Smoked Gouda
Head Cheese